Gaurav Dighe (India) graduated from RSMU (Faculty of International Students, specialization “General Medicine”) in 2009

There so many factors which influence the future career choice and have the effect on different levels. No doubt, RSMU helped me make the right choice of the  successful career. Being a neurologist is great! If you are a medical student, look into neurology. Inspired by the vast experience of RSMU professor Zhdanov V.A., I decided to thrown myself into neurology.

In order to be eligible to practice medicine in the USA, I had to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) which is a required 3 step exam to be able to apply for residency program. Having finished neurology residency program in Kentucky, I decided to keep on my education in New York State to specialize in stroke medicine. Gained valuable experience, I started my career in Missouri State as a stroke director.

Currently, I am the director of the hospital's Stroke Center, where I lead a team of 4 highly – qualified neurologists, nurses, as well as various students who come to shadow me for their neurology rotation. I specialized in the treatment of diseases such as stroke, seizure, headache, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord disorders.

Additionally as a director, I shape policies and protocols for the hospitals including reviewing patient cases for safety compliance as well. Overall, I believe I will make the most of the knowledge and experience gained through the study program at RSMU.

My practical advice for all students is to study hard, set goals and achieve those goals. This great opportunity will give you the valuable professional experience necessary to build a successful career in modern competitive conditions.